Real Estate Valuations

Appraisal reports that can be used for lending, tax abatement, eminent domain taking and resolution of value disputes. These reports meet all standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Business Valuation

A business value is developed after careful analysis of past trends for the industry and firm. These trends are used in the development of projected income statements and value indications.

Feasibility Studies

The market demand and specific site data are combined with construction costs, income and expense projections and equity returns to test the feasibility of the project.

Market Analysis

The demographic trends for that area are distinguished. Utilization of GIS mapping allows for ease of understanding the data and trends of the trade area.

Site Selection

Critical to all successful convenience store operation is its location. This analysis provides an overview of the general area and identification of key sites.

Litigation Support

We offer advice on the quality of an appraisal and analysis, providing suggestions on potential weak points, and guidance on whether the appraisal is reasonable.